Think Twice

Loved that hike. Loved those earrings.

I have these earrings.  I’ve had lots of pairs over the years.  The other day I was laughing about some of them that have long since been given away… and how I’d like to have them back.

I don’t wear earrings very often.  I used to wear them all the time.  It all began in junior high when I put on a little pair of self-piercing hoops which eventually bore the tiny holes into my ears.

There was a time in my life when I felt quite the bohemian.  No make-up, beach-walking, owned-no-stockings, no-need-to-curl-the-hair lifestyle.  And I loved my long beaded earrings.  We lived near Bali, and I had some wonderful ear decorations from that enchanted island.

I’ve got photos sitting at the top of mountains, hair in the breeze, dangling earrings blowing in the wind.  Or pretty little jewels catching the light in photos from weddings.  One silly picture with very short hair and very long earrings… picture day when I was a middle school teacher.

But one day I looked in the mirror and saw those earrings and thought the only thing missing was a cigarette.  Those who know me will crack up at this thought.  I’ve never even had the slightest temptation to have a smoke of any sort… but sure enough, I looked like a smoker.  (I think I just looked a lot like a friend I’d had years before with the same exact hair style I was sporting at the time… and she was a chain smoker.)  I couldn’t get past that image!  The earrings just needed a cigarette to round out “the look”, and I couldn’t stand to have them in my ears!

And so, cold turkey, I stopped wearing earrings.

For almost fifteen years!

Amazing that those tiny little holes still exist.  Amazing that I’ve decided I like the look of earrings again, and once in awhile I have fun with a pair.

What is the point?  Why drag you through this drama?

Just thinking about tattoos.  Be mighty sure about the design you choose and the place you choose to put it!  You might just change your mind about the whole deal, and it won’t be quite as easy as taking off a pair of earrings!

This didn’t begin as an advertisement.  Just me typing on a Monday night when my work was done and I thought I’d treat myself to filling a blank page.  But since I’ve arrived at this place, I’ll wrap it up by sending you to my niece’s tattoo removal business!  (Just in case you live in the Houston area and you’re weary of the look.)  

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