Thirteenth Home – The Barn

Now, this has been one fine chapter in our lives.  What fun it has been to say, “We live in a barn.”  We completed this place in 2008, so it’s been our home for nine years.   That’s the longest we’ve ever stayed put.

What began as an idea for a pretty workshop blossomed into a full scale house.  It’s been my pleasure all these years to enjoy Gary’s creative flair, and he certainly treated us on this one.  Building this big red barn was such an exciting job.  From the huge concrete pillars to support the workshop, to the gorgeous curving staircase, this project was quite unique.  


Over the years, the barn has been the venue for so many wonderful celebrations.  The very first one was held here a couple of months before we actually finished the place, and that was our 25th wedding anniversary.  Since then we’ve hosted more anniversaries, reunions, birthdays, showers, weddings and receptions, and a whole slew of politicians.  My dear friends have joined me in my home for Bible study, and those Tuesday mornings will forever hold a special place in my memories of this chapter.  We’ve loved entertaining throughout the holidays, and never is the barn more beautiful than when it’s all decked out for Christmas.

I’ve always loved yard work, and the barnyard has given me countless hours.   Countless!   Ha ha.  When we first moved in here, I would stand at the picture windows upstairs, looking out over my yard with tears of joy exclaiming, “I have a park!”   I must admit that there are some days now that I stand there and say with an overwhelmed sigh, “I have a park!”  I do love my fruit trees and roses… and for those of you who’ve been with me on this blogging journey over the years… you know I’ve even come to terms with my crepe myrtles.

The years in this barn were a real page-turner in our career.   Prior to this, Gary and I had always worked side by side in construction.  I wouldn’t say we out grew that… but I might say we grew too old for that.  We finally had to turn the physical work over to others while we focused our energies on the office end of Field Day, Inc.  Our desks are upstairs in the house above the workshop.  At the moment I’m in the comfy leather chair at my computer typing, and this has been my seat these past nine years.  I’ve sat here putting numbers into columns on spreadsheets as I’ve listened to the soft background noise below me of saws and sanders and garage doors opening and closing.   It’s been a great business to run, and I’m thankful for each and every person that has been in and out of that shop helping us build so many dream homes.

That brings me to our beautiful dining room table.  Let me just say again how thankful I am for each and every person who has joined us at that table.   Without all the clients who have sat there with us pouring over house plans, this big barn would never have existed.  Gary and I both say ‘thank you’ from the bottom of our hearts. 

Mostly that table has been the lovely scene of family meals.  Every few weeks the barn is full of family members.  We’re blessed with large loving families, so from time to time we sit down at that big table which seats 12 easily, and we set up the card tables to hold everyone else, and we pray together and eat delicious meals.  I feel so fortunate to have had this grand chapter in my life to play hostess so often.  I love setting tables with pretty dishes, and this will always be the era filled with fond memories of this happy task.  Two huge days stand out in this red barn every year… Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Gary’s family has filled our home for that glorious turkey dinner every year.  And my family has always been here for a beautiful Christmas breakfast after we see what Santa has brought down the chimney.

People have been surprised that we’re making plans to sell the barn, since it was our “dream home”.   But to us, all of our homes have been dream homes.   Whether they were tiny or large, temporary or lasting, they were a roof over our heads as we reached for our stars.

So now it’s time to move on.  We’re seeing the finish line on the horizon for our business.  Retirement seems truly within our reach, and we’re happily building away on the next house.  It’s a couple of blocks away, it’s much smaller, and my main concern is hoping our cat Peli makes the transition easily.  Gary and I think we may wipe away a tear or two when we spend the last night in this barn, but we’re so excited for the next chapter and are beside ourselves with glee.


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