Thorns Among the Roses

This was my first real morning back in the barnyard.  The first day I intentionally put on the work clothes, donned the gloves, grabbed the loppers and the clippers and the steak knife, the trash can, the straw hat… coaxed Peloton off of her comfy pillow… and headed outside to spend some time.

First stop, the big rose bed.  Time to get serious with the stems that didn’t survive the winter.  And time to remember that no matter how happy you are, no matter how thrilled you are with progress, no matter how perfect the surroundings seem to be… there are always going to be thorns.  So you’d better watch out.  Better be cautious.  No point crying and pouting if you don’t take a little time to think about what you’re about to take hold of.

Well, we all knew that.  You don’t need me pointing it out. 

Mainly, I just wanted to take a little time and space to say how thrilled I am that my hibernation is over.  Things are turning green in my yard.  I’m back in my element.  Happy to be getting my fingernails dirty while I ponder life.  What a treat to finally add a post to my “Barnyard” category!


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