Tierra del Fuego

Some days are just happier than others.  And I really can’t put my finger on what made this day so much more special or memorable than the day before it, or the day after it… but this was a wonderful day.  Aha… maybe I can put my finger on it.  It’s the day I rubbed the big toe on this impressive statue!  Local lore says that this will assure you of a safe return to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Gary and I were both enchanted with this city in 2010.  We took a walk through its beautiful cemetery whose tombstones and mausoleums spoke of the wonderful history of this place.

We had coffee and chocolate in a delightful little street café.

We sat in the marvelous old cathedral.

I bought a wool hat from a vendor in the market square with ice pelting down upon us.  Actually… I put that hat on, then proceeded to rub the toe.  Just had to make sure I would come back to this place.  It was a day fairly similar to other days I’ve experienced while cruising, but it somehow stands out among the others.

If you ever find yourself in Punta Arenas, find that monument dedicated to Magellan, and rub the big toe of the man from Tierra del Fuego.  It works!  I’m back!

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  1. Kim Mann says:

    Maybe you will go back again another time, too!! Sounds wonderful!

  2. Donna McBroom says:

    I am smiling with you! Thanks for sharing.

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