Time Marches On

Time flies.  We know it must be true.  We hear that all the time.  Even as I sat down at my keyboard to share some thoughts along this line, the first thing I saw was a Facebook photo – a tiny little niece off to school – with the caption “Where did the time go?”

I’m a chronicler.  I write events in the blocks of calendars, not so I can see what’s coming up, but so I’ll be able to look back and see what happened.  And I marvel at the strange dichotomy.  How can an event seem so far in the past, and at the same time feel like it happened only yesterday?

Can it truly have been six years since my grandmother passed away?  I was just at her house a few months ago listening to her play the piano.  But no… that was an eternity ago.

Can this baby be turning five?  You mean it’s been three years since my last camping trip?  I just moved into this house.  How did four years slip by so quickly?

As I sit here with my wave of nostalgia, I’m also counting the days until my next vacation, willing time to march on.  My calendar reads like a good novel.  I hope you’re writing one too.


One Response to “Time Marches On”

  1. Lawanda Calton says:

    I feel like I’m “skipping” through life now…..Monday Friday, Monday Friday…….yes….where does the time go?

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