Touring Again


Bandwagons.  I don’t jump on them.  Never have.  I think that’s partially because I’m just so ridiculously stubborn.  I know what I like, and I’m determined to make up my own mind about things.  So… I’m not a stylish dresser, and if you gave me a Gucci bag, I would probably pass it along to someone else. 

When the sunflower craze was in full swing, I owned a little gift shop where hibiscus blossoms adorned everything.  Probably cost myself several dollars, but I refused to start putting sunflowers on my hats.

Well, you know how much I love the Tour de France.  And it has rolled around again.  Grand year for it.  The 100th riding.  Gary and I go along with the peloton every July.  (Let’s not get mistaken this year like we did last year… we’re not really there!  We watch it on TV!  One of these years we’ll be there in person.)  We love the drama of this 3 week, 2100 mile race… the gorgeous scenery, heart-wrenching effort from the riders, over-the-top fanaticism from the fans, agony of the dangerous spills, amazing strategy in the teamwork. 

Somehow I wear it like a badge of honor – that I was never on the Lance Armstrong bandwagon.  I’m glad the whole debacle has finally had some kind of conclusion.  I have been miserably upset when the underdogs I was cheering on to victory were later disqualified for doping.  I have my favorites.  I’m forever hoping that their stories remain unscathed by scandal. 

Goodness!  I just wish everyone would play fair.  I wish those who climbed to the top of the ladder always did so with integrity.  And how I hope Cadel Evans has a great race, and that everything we ever hear about him remains top notch!


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Love hearing about this tradition of yours every year. Wish we knew how to watch it since we don’t have any kind of subscription tv. Your last year’s article encouraged me in the compiling of my “Birthday in France” album….translated “Dinner at La Madeleine”.:))

  2. Sandy says:

    Oh! I love the “Birthday in France” idea. So true… we don’t always have to leave home to “travel”. This really made me smile! =)

  3. Sandy says:

    I send you to a lovely YouTube video if you’d like to see what I love about this race!
    It’s wonderful photography from the 2012 Tour.

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