Touring France

Every July I spend three weeks in France.  It’s been a grand tradition for over ten years now, and I find it’s a wonderful way to get through the long hot days of summer.

The entire country is mine to enjoy, from the beautiful fields of sunflowers and lavender in the south to the Alps along the Swiss border. I always end my journey on the streets of Paris, marveling at the sites on the Champs Elysees.

Day after day I take helicopter flights over the lush countryside, sometimes stopping into quaint little villages.  This seems to be the best way to view ancient castles and cathedrals.  I love the history lessons that accompany the flights, and treasure every chance to go inside these gorgeous buildings.

Of course I’m there to watch the Tour de France, cheering on riders as they claw their way up steep mountains, flying along narrow city streets at dangerous speeds.  The colors of the peloton are mesmerizing as they undulate through rolling hills. It’s a thrill to be there every pedal of the way.

The race is coming to a bittersweet close this weekend.  What in the world will I watch on TV next week?


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