Toy Treasures


She’s three years old, so she talks all the time, but you have to listen carefully to catch all the words.  She lives hundreds of miles away from here, and only comes to my home a couple of times a year.  In her tiny life, there are plenty of big things to remember about visiting. 

I have a cat that lets children pet her.  I have luckily had snow on the ground for her two Christmas visits.  I live in a barn, so it’s easy to spot.  But when I was having an animated conversation with my great-niece about coming to see me in the summer, and what all we would do, she told me she would play with Peter Pan.  I had to think for a second to figure that out.

Oh yes!  I have a Peter Pan doll.  He lives in a bag of very old toys in the closet under the stairs.  A gift from an old friend who hoped the children in my life might enjoy playing with them.  Obviously, the old toys are treasures… not just to me, but to the little ones.  I just love thoughtful people!  Thank you, Mr. Dunsworth.


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  1. Sandy says:

    We were neighbors we G and I were newlyweds. I first knew Mrs. Dunsworth from working in the Hallmark store on the square. She loved dolls of all kinds, and I was thrilled when Mr. Dunsworth surprised me one day by bringing these old toys over to my barn. Just thrilled!

  2. Pam says:

    How sweet! And little Cora will probably always remember playing with Peter Pan and those toys even when she’s much older! My grandmother had a little monkey toy that banged cymbals and turned a flip that I would get to play with when visiting her and I can still recall the many happy hours spent playing with that old monkey!

  3. Sandy says:

    My Nana had a box of old toys under her stairs. One day my little “great cousin” was over at the barn. He was very, very young when our Nana passed away. When he discovered my closet under the stairs had some toys he declared, “Just like Nana’s”. I was thrilled!! Yes, special little things for children to remember. Treasures, indeed!

    And Pam, I loved those monkeys with the cymbals!!!

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