Twelfth Home – The Globe House

I will always say that this little house was a gift from God.  Everything in life is a gift from above, but this was a special gift with perfect timing.  The very first Sunday we had officially moved back to Portales, a dear friend at church asked us what we were planning.   I said we were going to get our construction business going again, and we’d be doing anything and everything.  She asked if we’d be interested in a fixer-upper.

Boy howdy, this was a fixer-upper.  A friend of hers had owned the house for decades, and without bogging down in the details… the person living there had stripped the house.  Stripped it!  From the outside all looked well.  On the inside all wiring, all fixtures – and I’m talking right down to the toilet and sinks being gone, all sheetrock, everything… gone!  What a shocking discovery for the owners.  And what a good opportunity for us.

We were able to buy the place for an amazing price.  Inch by inch, as we got money together and when we had time, we rebuilt the inside of the house and dolled up the outside a bit.  It was a two year process before we actually moved in, then it was home sweet home for the next four years.

We were rarely there because we were working so hard.  I’m sorry if I ramble on with that theme of working all the time, but that’s the story of this time in our lives.   Gary and I were both on the jobsites all day every day, six days a week.   At night we took turns on our computer – Gary getting his portion of Field Day together, and me getting mine.  We marvel that we managed with only one computer, but we were on a quest to fill up the coffers.

We put a wonderful covering over the back porch, and as much as we love sitting on porches, this one was our workshop, and we worked off of that porch and out of our tool trailer.  One night we ate on the back porch, and that was only because we were feeding our stone laying crew from Texas, and there wasn’t enough room in the kitchen to hold us all.  In fact, the kitchen was quite crowded if we ever had a third person join us for dinner.

When people came to our “home office” with their blue prints to sit at that tiny table in that cracker box house, I always figured they were wondering just what they’d gotten themselves into.

Although we’d built homes in the past, I’m forever grateful to my aunt and uncle who were planning to build a lovely and very large home on a beautiful piece of property.  They had no proof that Gary could build a house like that, but they knew Gary, and they trusted him with the task.  The results were grand – if I do say so myself – and they were continually generous in allowing us to show the house to future clients.  It’s how we fell into the niche of very special custom homebuilding.

Well, obviously, we needed a real workshop and we needed a kitchen of our own where we could not only showcase our work, but actually have people over to dinner and offer them a place to sit!   We’d had ideas about building a shop that would have some classic characteristics of a horse barn.  This was the deal… while we worked to save the money to do it, there was never any time to get started on it, so this gave Gary five years to dream and scheme.   He spent lots of time in that little house drawing the plans for the barn, and I had a ball putting decorating ideas together.

We do love little spaces, and we truly loved that house.  It gave us the chance to sock our earnings away while we grew our business.  Okay.  Work, work, work.   Maybe I’ve hashed that topic enough, and as I roll into the next chapter you won’t have to hear so much about that.  We always laughed about how we’d done life a bit backwards.  In our younger years we lived a bit more of a semi-retired lifestyle.   In our 40s we made up for it!





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