Two Drifters Off To See the World

It doesn’t come naturally to us.  We didn’t grow up with the “Leave it to Beaver” dance lessons. We learned our waltz steps for the lovely Maypole in the high school gym, and we learned the Texas Two Step out on the cement slab at the Roosevelt County Fair Grounds.   But we love to dance!

And we do love to step into that floating world of a cruise ship, don the elegant attire, and take a few turns on a beautiful wooden floor.  And just to sit and watch the lovely steps of the masters!  Oh my!  That is a simple pleasure indeed!

We usually feel like junior high students trying to mimic their steps… but we’ve had such a lovely time.  To our dance instructors and our dance hosts, and to all those beautiful couples who filled our evenings with happiness… thank you!  We shall work on our tango and rumba and fox trot steps on our own wooden floor in our own red barn, and we shall hopefully see you again somewhere beyond the sea!

Post Script:  I believe I wrote this on my last day of our last cruise.  Couldn’t have dreamed that two nights later we would be in a beautiful park in Buenos Aires, dancing in a gazebo with Argentines of all ages… that wonderful music filling the air, laughing with old friends, joking with one incredible taxi driver.  It’s so good to be living on God’s magnificent globe!

Post Post Script:  Wrote all this in February, but decided to save it for May.  It’s a good time to share a favorite photo of my huckleberry friend and me.  Wishing the Portales High Class of 2012 a beautiful Winding of the Maypole.   May merriment and happiness reign over your evening!


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3 Responses to “Two Drifters Off To See the World”

  1. Betty Williamson says:

    What a sweet story…and amazing how your smile is exactly the same all these years later!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Just makes me smile. And, even though I have no rhythm, makes me want to learn to do a few steps. Rudy is a natural…amazing rhythm. I’m sure I could at least sort of follow him.:)

  3. Sandy says:

    Cheryl… I’m sure you could follow him!
    Betty… of course my smile is exactly the same. This was just yesterday! Hee hee!

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