Two More Bundles

I haven’t been taking much time

To fill up my mind with some rhyme

So I’ll do it today

I have fun things to say

Regarding this family of mine

You know that the bundles have grown

Some are crawling around on their own

They can jabber and squawk

Some are starting to walk

My oh my, time has certainly flown

So we’re into another new year

And more babies are coming, we hear

When a few months go by

In June and July

Two more bundles will bring us great cheer

If you missed all the baby news… we had five precious babies born into our family in 2010.  As far as we know, two more will join us in 2011.   (But the year is young!)

5 Responses to “Two More Bundles”

  1. Tawna Ward says:

    Who’s having babies this year?
    Love your limerick!

  2. Sandy says:

    Two nieces… my sister’s daughter, Katie. And G’s sister’s daughter, Jalane.

  3. lawanda calton says:

    What a beautiful limerick, Sandy! And I love this photo of you and little Cora.

  4. Sue Moore says:

    I’m glad your bundles are nearby enough so you are able to cuddle with each other. The picture is wonderful!
    Happy memory-moments for each of you…
    Smiles ~ Sue

  5. Sandy says:

    This little bundle was here for Christmas… and I cuddled as much as I could!

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