Use Your Manners

I loved Ann Romney’s speech at the GOP Convention.  The following day, I pulled it up on YouTube to enjoy again.  Not shocked, and yet shocked to the core actually, I saw a few comments so filled with hate and venom that I couldn’t shake them from my mind.

I took them personally because I relate to this woman.

How foolish that someone would call her a liar (among other things) because she said their dining table during college was a fold down ironing board.  This blaster claimed there was no way a rich college student would do that.  What?

I was a “rich” college student.  I chose to get married young and live in a tiny little house with miserable insulation, a swamp cooler and a wall furnace.  I bought my 14 cent ramen noodles with pride, and I walked to the campus to save money… even though gas was practically free in those days!

How utterly amazing that she would be despised for loving her husband and for being proud of his accomplishments.  The filthy wording directed at her would seem more fitting of the world’s most heinous criminal.  Even then, inappropriate.

Am I to be vilified as well because I’m proud of the business my husband runs so well?  Should I be ashamed of myself, and expect to be loathed because I love and revere God’s Word?

Politically, no secret here, I’m a conservative.  As an American, I long for our nation to be rid of this hatred.  There’s great joy to be found in the pleasure of listening to those with whom we disagree, while choosing to remain polite.

Am I old-fashioned for wanting everyone to use nice manners?  Good for me!


4 Responses to “Use Your Manners”

  1. Pam Stevens says:

    Yes! Good for you! And I am happy to be called old fashioned as well!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Nothing wrong with old-fashioned. Or how about just being civil and having a vocabulary large enough to disagree with someone without crudeness. Of course, I’m sure all of your readers will agree with you 100% but thanks for writing it anyway! Guess I should really go listen to the speech. I didn’t watch although Rudy did.:)

  3. Tawna says:

    Sandy, Good manners have been long gone, and it is sad! Amazing that the same night Ann Romney spoke, a rowdy bunch of reps shouted down a Puerto Rican woman with chants of USA. It doesn’t speak well of American manners!

  4. Bill says:

    The Texas delegates were not shouting down the woman from Puerto Rico. It was a group of Ron Paulbots who were protesting the action of the convention chair on the voice vote just completed. Full story here:

    The protest was in the general direction of Wisconsonite Reince Pribus, Republican National Chair.

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