I love the old fashioned beautiful names.  I imagine the parents, in that long-ago land, choosing the names for their babies.  No internet searching to see what’s popular.  No bookstore filled with an entire rack of baby naming books.

This baby boy was born in the 1800s.  He fought in the Civil War, and is buried in Alva, Oklahoma.  He is the great-great-grandfather of my husband.

I believe I can see some of Gary’s features in this photograph.  I love to study it.  I love his beautiful name.  Valentine Arndt.


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  1. Gary FIelds says:

    Thank You Sandy for sharing this personal slice of history.

  2. Lawanda Calton says:

    A very handsome man! And how proud he would be of his great great grandson. It’s easy to see Gary in Valentine’s face!

  3. KIm Mann says:

    Wonderful photo! Fascinating to look at!

  4. M. Sue Moore says:

    Interesting thoughts, Sandy, to a degree mirroring some I had a few days ago when our friend Jack donated the WW2 interment flag of his brother Bill to our local San Angelo Christian Academy for their new flagpole. I thought about the mom calling her “boys” in from play, “Jack, Bill…” and wanted to know more about their life stories.
    Old pictures tell wonderful stories and I thoroughly enjoy (and appreciate) your pointing out the treasures found in “antiques” of all kinds.
    Sending smiles~
    M. Sue

  5. Betty Williamson says:

    Beautiful photo…and great name. He looks like he could have held his own against anyone.

  6. Steven J. Arndt says:

    This is an excellent picture!
    Valentine is my gggrandfather.
    He was married to Permilia (another unique and beautiful name), who was the gggranddaughter of the man who traveled to London to have the Liberty Bell made,Robert Charles.
    Valentine is the son of Rev. Jacob and Christena Arndt.
    I would LOVE to see more family pictures if you are willing to share. Please contact me at

  7. Sandy says:

    Steven, I’m so thrilled you found this post and added this history! Fascinating! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Sandy says:

    Today my mother-in-law brought her wonderful collection of Arndt family history to Sunday Dinner. It was fascinating to read the obituaries of both Valentine and Permilia from the newspaper in Alva. They were both well loved and respected in that community. 28 Civil War veterans attended Valentine’s funeral.

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