I get such a kick out of moments like this.

I was having my eyes examined for the latest prescription for reading glasses.  And my optometrist – with his high powered vision gadgets – said “Pretty earrings.  What is that gemstone?”  He proceeded to tell me that he collects gemstones.

Being the ever-frugal-pat-myself-on-the-back soul that I am, this was my response.  “I’m pretty sure they’re blue glass.”  (I’m pretty sure of that, because they cost $10.)

I thought they were the beautiful color of the ocean, and I also thought they might make my eyes look a little more blue… and that’s how I chose them.

Here’s the reason for this post.  I have a young friend who was quite upset recently.  Some people were making her feel that she wasn’t doing enough for her children.  She’s a mommy of four.  Along with her husband, she’s made the decision to only do some part time work so she can be home with the little ones.  Their budget is tight, and doesn’t include trips to the mall for closets full of new clothes.

Oh, how I applaud you, my friend!  You hang in there.  We should not be valued by the amount of money we have spent on our clothes and our jewelry and our shoes.

I hope that maybe a little bit of that sapphire blue color from my earrings will send a sparkling reflection into my eyes.  And so much more importantly… I hope you’ll see love dancing there when you look into my gray eyes.  If so, you’ll make me feel very valuable.


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