Waiting Rooms

Here I sit.  I knew I would need a keyboard to fill the hours.  I also have things to read, and am looking forward to spending some time on a Bible study of the word “blue”.  But I have found my niche in the waiting room with my laptop at a desk.

I’ve been here before.  It’s not a room I want to be familiar with, and yet I am all too familiar with it.  I know the green chairs, the oddly placed columns, the vending machine, and the television in the corner.  I don’t even like looking around this room because the memories are too intense.  So I blink the tears away and look back at my computer screen… my trusty old friend.

I know you’ve surely done your time in surgical waiting rooms too.

It’s the same story I’ve told before, but I’ll tell it again today.  When your days are going along and going along… when one day just feeds almost effortlessly into the next… when the big question of the day is what to have for supper… when you’re wishing something exciting would happen…

These are the kinds of days to rejoice and be thankful for the ordinary.  We will all take our turns in the surgical waiting rooms, or even our turn in the surgery itself.  And these are the moments when we wish that the biggest question of the day was what to have for supper.

I’m expecting good news today.  And I intend to publish this when it comes!

And now it’s yesterday’s tomorrow.  The wait was long.  The surgery was delayed by over four hours.  But when the surgeon came to the door and called for the Fields family, he was all smiles.  It was the good news we had hoped for.  Thanks be to God!

Hoping you receive some good news today.

5 Responses to “Waiting Rooms”

  1. Jim Purvis says:

    Sandy – you are an amazing woman! Those that have caused you to become familiar with that space you wish you never saw are the luckiest people in the world …as you are there to support and love them in their time of need. Glad you got the happy news you were hoping for.

  2. Marcea Clive says:

    I’m so happy the news was good.

  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks Jim. I’ve waited with family when our news was good, and also when our news was bad. It’s a wonderful thing to have love and support through theses moments of life.

  4. Kim Mann says:

    So glad to hear this good news about Shirley!

  5. Sandy says:

    And she’s really doing well with her recovery!

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