Roosevelt County War Memorial

You know how you know people when you live in a small town?  You don’t really know them, but you know of them, or you’re sure you’ve at least met them, or you can be convinced you probably went to school with their parents.

Well, this man I know was working on one of our jobsites, not because he does that kind of work, but because he drinks coffee with one of the owners of the project, and he got roped into coming over and working the end of a shovel.  And he knows I write this blog, even though he claims he doesn’t know what a blog is.  So he knows I love little human interest stories, and he had one to tell me.

It started like this… “Do you know that kid that rides his bike around town, kind of ruddy complexion?”  And naturally, I said I was pretty sure I knew who he was talking about, because that’s how it is in a small town.  So he went on to tell me how impressed he was with this young man, and just what a great contributor he is to our community.

You see, Portales is working toward a memorial to honor those from Roosevelt County who have died for our nation in any war.  Meetings are taking place, funds are being raised, banners are going up around the town.  There was a booth at the county fair to help get the word out, and our young hero was very interested and wanted to contribute.  He couldn’t write a check, and Jim – the man telling our story – advised him against giving cash, but suggested that he could send in a money order from a local convenience store.

The next night at the fair, here comes the young giver.  He had been to the convenience store, had found out that a money order would only cost sixty-two cents, had gotten permission to make his contribution, and couldn’t wait to make it happen.  And Jim was thinking just how wonderful it would be if everyone in our community would get that excited about helping with this memorial.  It could be a grand monument, paid for in no time.

I told him I needed to make sure to do my part, and that I’d plan to write something about it on my blog.  And I headed off to eat, sat down in a booth, and saw a young man with a ruddy complexion come riding up to the same lunch spot on his bike.  Everyone in the place seemed to know him.  And that’s how it is in a small town.  So… young man on the bike… I don’t know you, but I sure have a lot of respect for you.  Thanks for giving to the War Memorial, and for setting a good example for me to follow!

Anyone wishing to make a contribution to this worthy cause may send a check made to:

Roosevelt County War Memorial Fund

c/o Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce

100 South Ave. A

Portales, NM  88130

And you might want to mark your calendar for the fundraising dance on October 29!

5 Responses to “Roosevelt County War Memorial”

  1. lawanda calton says:

    This is a wonderful story, Sandy! Yes, the War Memorial will be very special and it will be set in concrete on the square. A beautiful granite monument inscribed with those soldier’s names! Lots of people have raised most of the money, but donations are needed now to get it put in place!

  2. Marcea Clive says:

    Sandy, thanks for writing this story. I have heard it and knew you were going to be asked to write about it. What a shining example for the rest of us in Portales.

  3. Sandy says:

    I love our community so much. And I am so very thankful for those who have sacrificed so much for our nation. Not just the men and women who have given their very lives, but also for their families. I’m happy to give to this memorial to show my appreciation.

  4. Betty W. says:

    I know who the young man is, but I had not heard this story. What a heart-warmer! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

  5. michelle pond says:

    Wonderful story and I have seen that kid around. I love your articles about our little town and I love to write about it, too. It is really a beautiful place with the best people. That is why we live here.

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