We Didn’t Have a Minivan

Sierra Blanca 1966

I saw a book being advertised about a dad embracing the minivan.  Made me think about my own childhood, long before minivans were invented.

One time my dad loaded us up into the family Pinto and drove us out to California to see Disneyland and The Golden Gate Bridge.

One time my dad loaded us up in the family LeBaron and drove us to the east coast to see Monticello and Mount Vernon and The Smithsonian.

One time he loaded us up in some car and we headed up north to see Yellowstone and the Tetons.

He took us all over this great land in whatever car we had at the time, putting up with two girls in the back seat who probably asked “Are we there yet?” more often than they should have.

Thanks Daddy!  Happy Father’s Day!


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5 Responses to “We Didn’t Have a Minivan”

  1. Lawanda Calton says:

    Being inside your head for a moment is so joyful! Thanks for all the memories you share! And Happy Father’s Day, Bill!

  2. Jany Warnica says:

    Wow! you got a whole back seat!! Our Best family vacations were in a pickup,Five in the cab, and we slept in the back, and ate from the chuck box. Back then my idea of heaven was a MOTEL! But now my idea of heaven would be just one more “rock hunting” trip to the middle of no where, squeezed between Daddy,two sisters,and mom.

  3. Kim Mann says:

    Great memories! Happy Father’s Day!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Thanks, Dad for my most memorable vacation as a child which was travelling from Pensacola, FL to Montreal for Expo ’67. Mom, Dad, older brother, older sister, me and younger brother (2 years old…before disposable diapers) in a Mercury…the kind where the back windshield was angled and could be rolled down…pulling a little trailer that held our tent and camping supplies. How did we do it with no electronic games, no portable DVD players, not even cassette tapes? We looked out the window and drank in things and places we had never seen before. We played the game where everything out “my window” belonged to me…learned how to brag about what we owned (maybe not a good thing!). Granted we did our share of “This is the line….don’t cross it” about our space on the seat of the car. And my sister and I drove my 18 year old brother crazy singing the Kentucky Fried Chicken advertising jingle repeatedly as well as a tune we composed after reading a “No Parking Anytime” sign. The song was very creative. The lyrics were “No parking anytime” over and over!! We also enjoyed singing gospel songs all together. What memories. Hope kids who are travelling today are being forced to at least look out the window and unplug their ears every now and then!

  5. Sandy says:

    Thanks for sharing your memories Cheryl.
    We played so many travel games too. My favorite… counting “bags”. These were old cars that were still puffy, and didn’t have the sleek new lines of the sixties!

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