Welcome Autumn

Autumn has arrived.  As sure as garlands of evergreens and candy canes usher in the joys of winter, there are chiles and pumpkins and fall colored mums to welcome this season.

Morning finds me reaching for my trusty old sweatshirt hoodie.  Evening finds me donning the goose down vest.

The big black roasting bins spin for our amusement out on the porches where we do our shopping.  To New Mexicans everywhere, this green chile tilt-a-whirl puts smiles on our faces.

Along with the aroma of roasting chiles, we wait for the day when we catch that first whiff of peanuts roasting.  It’s the grand parallel of music to our ears and the proverbial sight for sore eyes.

Big orange pumpkins will arrive at the Farmers’ Market on flatbed trailers.  Leaves will begin the beautiful process of turning gold and maroon and burnt sienna.

Cinnamon and nutmeg will start finding their way into our coffee, our pies, our donuts.

We celebrate another season of accomplishment.  We work the long hours of harvest.  We rejoice in the moisture that came to our land this year.  We breathe the sigh of relief that the long hot days are behind us.  We welcome autumn!


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