When I Was Just a Little Girl

I used to love watching Buffy and Jody and that doll – Mrs. Beasley.  Did you?  Goodness!  I hadn’t thought of them in years… but on my latest vacation, a scene popped into my mind while riding a bus, and I enjoyed playing that little segment over again and again every time I boarded one.  They were lost in Spain.  Somehow they got separated from Mr. French, and they were riding this bus.  I remember being terrified for them, then so relieved when Uncle Bill finally located the kids.

So, there I was, riding around on buses in foreign countries, grinning at the thought of how childhood has just rolled right on into adult life.


It’s great fun to see the world with the boy I’ve known since the 1st grade.


It was wonderful to see our sweet friend Mandy who was an exchange student from New Zealand in 1980.  It took us over 30 years to take her up on her offer to visit New Zealand… but there she was in Auckland, waiting on the pier, looking just the same as ever, welcoming us to her home.  Loved that day!


During my days at ENMU I had a class from Dr. Frost.  She had lived in Fiji, and shared many stories from her time there.  I was intrigued, wondering if I’d ever see those exotic islands.  And there I was… thinking of Dr. Frost… easily understanding how she could love that place so.


In Sydney we toured the Opera House of course.  On that day the Australian Girls’ Choir was giving an afternoon concert.  There were literally hundreds of little girls in pretty white dresses with pink satin sashes arriving there with us, all aflutter with excitement.  I remembered all the sweet choirs and talent shows of my childhood, and naturally I had to shed a few happy tears for these little beauties.  All their lives they will have the memory of singing on that incredible stage where the greatest of the great entertainers have performed.


I was quite the reader as a little girl.  I loved reading the classics – condensed for children.  One of my books was “Kidnapped”.  I can vividly picture the cover of that book… a frightening scene of David Balfour in peril.  What a treat for me to step into Robert Louis Stevenson’s house on Samoa.  Until this trip I had no idea of his love for and journeys in the Pacific.  I’ve never read “Treasure Island”, and now I can’t wait!


I made a new friend on the ship.  She’s Australian, but for two years she lived very near my hometown when she was a girl.


Ah yes, childhood rolls into adulthood, and it is a very small world after all.  I’d love to see all of it.  Thanks for joining me on my journey!


6 Responses to “When I Was Just a Little Girl”

  1. Lawanda Calton says:

    Love today’s notes! Remembering you as a young girl who loved playing “pretend” with your Mom! Your imaginations are now reality! love, mama

  2. Sandy says:

    Thank you, Mama!
    Thanks for being my biggest fan… as a child, and now as an adult!

  3. Kim says:

    Your descriptions are so vivid – it’s just like we got to go with you!! Thanks for sharing your journey! 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    What a wonderful adventure!

  5. Betty Williamson says:

    We have so many shared memories, all the way from Mrs. Beasley to our mutual friend, Mandy! It made me smile again to see you and Mandy together after all these years. What a beautiful journey you and Gary had. Thanks for letting us peek over your shoulder along the way!

  6. Sandy says:

    Thanks to all! And yes Betty… we do share so many memories. So glad we’ve become friends at this stage of the game!

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