Who Do You Think You Are?

Demelza.  If I could choose a character from the Masterpiece Theatre series Poldark… I would choose to be Demelza.

These are the kinds of things I ponder when I pluck the weeds from my flower beds.  Earlier this spring we enjoyed watching the series, so I was thinking about her.  And – of course – everyone would choose to be Demelza.  She’s witty and sweet, kind to all.  She gets her feelings hurt, but she doesn’t let it keep her down.  She’s as comfortable in the poorest miner’s home as in the finest drawing room.  Happy to help Poldark into his boots, but not about to be stepped on.  If you know Demelza, you’re grinning right now just thinking about her.

All great classics have the same basic cast of characters.  Dashing heroes and charming heroines.  Village idiots and gossip mongers.  Horrible villains and self-righteous bigots.  Worriers and warriors.

So I pulled away at those weeds thinking of Demelza’s qualities, and why I liked her, and wondering if we had any similarities.  And that’s when this fun question struck me.  Not really a fun question… but the wording!  Had to love it.  “And just who do you think you are?”

And I worked away at the weeds thinking of period pieces I’ve loved.  All the way from Pride & Prejudice right on down to Little House on the Prairie.  It was a nice mental game as I whiled away the afternoon… putting myself and others into the roles.  One can learn a lot about one’s self!


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2 Responses to “Who Do You Think You Are?”

  1. Cheryl says:

    What a great way to occupy your mind. I need to learn to do THAT while I work instead of thinking about little things that have been annoying me. And, yes, I am smiling thinking about Demelza. Rudy and I are only a few episodes into the series (the banker has just figured out who the “secret bidders” are), but Demelza is always the one who makes us smile. She has some good lessons for us.:)

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes… Demelza makes you smile!

    I hate it when I hear myself sounding like Catherine de Bourgh!

    This game is more fun than whistling while you work. =)

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