Wish Number Four

Above the Clouds

Pie in the sky, baby.  Pie in the sky.

This shall be my final wish for the wish list.

Circumstances and hard work have brought some mighty exciting adventures my way.  We’ve hiked to amazing destinations, rubbed shoulders with some dignitaries, dined on foie gras, sailed the high seas.  I’ve loved every minute.

But grand as some events have been, I’d say I’ve had equal rushes of adrenaline and butterflies in the stomach brought about by over-the-top dreams and schemes.  I’ve reached for that brass ring so many times my fingers are longer than necessary.  And my hopes have been dashed more than once.  But I wouldn’t change it.

Reach for those stars.  Apply for the job.  Invest in the start up.  Work toward the college degree. Ask him out to dinner.  Make the move.

So… I wish you a rose bush to care for, a stray pet to love, special first moments to witness, and finally, I wish you a farfetched dream that might just come true.


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