Wish Number One

Rose Wishes

I really don’t care for the term “bucket list”.  There’s no romantic flow to the thought of kicking the bucket.  So I always cringe a little bit at the notion, but I do enjoy reading the happy goals my friends set for themselves before they die.


With that in mind, I’m going to write a few words about my wish list.  They’re wishes that have already come true for me… so these will be things I wish for everyone else.


Today I’m wishing that you all have at least one rose bush.


Have dozens if you can.  But at least have one.  One bush that you love and think about.   You’ll watch it through the winter, and you’ll keep an eye on the spring weather forecasts so you’ll know when to prune it for the best flowering dreams.


Its fragrance will greet you in the morning when you head out to your mailbox.   You’ll take the proverbial time to stop and smell the roses covered in lovely drops of dew.


The blossoms will amaze you with their beauty, and then remind you of fleeting time as they wither.  You’ll have blissful moments all to yourself as you take your little clippers to remove the dried remains, making your rose bush as pretty as possible.  It will only take a few minutes in the cool of the evening, two or three days a week.  Just enough time to unwind from the pressures of your day… and there will be pressures of the day.

Rose Deadheading

You may encounter thorns, but that’s just another thing to ponder.  Let them speak life lessons into your heart.  There are many.


Yes… I wish you a rose bush.


2 Responses to “Wish Number One”

  1. Sandy says:

    I snap so many photos on my phone.. and they’re always gorgeous! They don’t translate so well onto the blog. I’ll get serious about getting my real camera back out one of these days. Just so bloomin’ busy!

  2. Kim says:

    So pretty!

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