Wish Number Three

This summer I was blessed with two very special “firsts”.  They were sweet scenarios.  Little spaces in time that I hope to remember always.  Since they were so special, I want to put moments like this on my wish list for a happy and fulfilled life.   I wish you the joy of first moments.


In June we were dashing about trying to accomplish a mountain of work.  And in the busy schedule of things to get done, we needed to make the three hour drive to take a niece to meet another niece to keep everything on the calendar held together.  We threw tents and sleeping bags into the truck and headed to Ruidoso.  (I throw in all this mundane information, reminding myself how easy it would have been to have completely missed the grand event.)


Little girls were giggling and making s’mores, and that was delightful.  But here’s the moment that held me spellbound.  My fourteen year old niece and I were sharing a tent.   She’s a big city girl, and although she’s been to the mountains, this camping experience was a first.  She and I decided we’d crawl out of the tent late at night to make one final pit stop.  As we got the door zipped behind us and stood up, she flung her head back and stared at the stars in awe.  Oh my goodness!


We just stood there drinking in the view.   A black velvet sky with huge bright diamonds shining down upon us.  You don’t get that in Houston, Texas.  Watching her be amazed was heavenly!


My other “first” took place in Alaska.  We were privileged to go on a family cruise this summer, a first for some – including our great-nephew.  He’s a little five year old gentleman who was enchanted with ballroom dancing after dinner.   Every evening we had our dance, and made our plans to do it again the following night.   I’ll never forget our very first waltz, his charming smile, his plans to wear a nice shirt for the occasion, and his sweet tiny feet stepping one-two-three, one-two-three while the band played “Could I Have This Dance”.

Dancing with Daniel

Friends, this is life.  These are the things worth doing before our days are done.  Go ahead and make your grand plans for the “before I die list”… but remember that these simple pleasures are the very best!


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful! And that sky/star thing….one of my very favorite things to observe. A couple of years ago in WY, even close in to Laramie, we were spellbound. Funny thing is years ago someone from Bellaire was at OUR house 30 miles to the north of Houston. THEY were amazed at how many stars they could see here compared to living in Bellaire. Of course, these days with the Grand Parkway just a mile down the road and shopping centers popping up in cow pastures our star viewing has become harder and harder. Longing to go see a Bortle Scale Class 1 sky…but even a Class 2 would just be amazing.

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