Wish Number Two

Peli Peli

Somewhere in your lifetime filled with hopes and dreams… I hope you’ll save room for a stray kitten.  Yes, I wish you a stray kitten.

There have been a few years in my life (very few) when I’ve not had a cat.  And all my cats have come to my porch as little lost souls, begging me to let them stay.  If a tiny creature is brave enough to approach a huge structure, look up at the human who lives there, then ask in the sweetest little voice if she could please have a saucer of milk, well, a you have a darling personality on your hands.

Your soft, furry baby will snuggle with you when you take a nap.  She’ll help you while you’re typing.  She’ll keep you company when you need to take a cup of coffee out on the porch and just enjoy silence.

She’ll worry you when she falls sound asleep in a new hiding place and you can’t find her, then purr with delightful assurance while she twines herself between your ankles once she’s found.

You’ll always have someone to talk to.  And as a bonus, your cat will be quite excellent at taking care of herself.

If you choose to adopt a stray puppy, I’ll understand.   But with all my heart, I wish you a stray kitten.


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