World at Her Fingertips

There we sat, four generations of family females, singing “High on a hill stood a lonely goat herd”, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”, and all the other marvelous lyrics from that musical.  The living room was alive with the sound of music.

I was explaining to my great-niece that the children’s mother had died, and that’s why the captain was wanting to marry the baroness or Maria.  She wanted to know the name of the mother.  I told her I didn’t know, and it’s never mentioned in the movie.  But she insisted on knowing.  I told her we’d look it up when I got home to my computer.  Still she insisted.  “You have your phone.  Look it up.”

And so I did.  Her name was Agathe.  We were able to proceed peacefully.

What astounds me is that the little inquisitor is four years old.  She realizes that anything she’d like to know can be found out by typing a few words onto that tiny little screen.

That has me singing a different tune.

I hear babies cry.  I watch them grow.  They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know.  And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.



Just Doing My Job

A man who did some work with our company phoned a little while ago.  He wondered if I possibly kept all my old nontaxable transaction certificates because he was being audited and couldn’t find his copy.  When I told him I had all the certificates on file and I’d send him a copy he replied, “Thank God!  Because yours was the only one I couldn’t find!”

Organization is one of my favorite pastimes.  My niece has teased me that they’ll put “She loved her spreadsheets” on my tombstone.

Anyway… I got his document from 2011 e-mailed off to him, and I was just thinking how sweet it is when you’re simply doing your job, and someone thanks God for that.

Makes me think of one of my favorite passages from Colossians.  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for men.”

Feeling very thankful to have a job I love.



From Our Barn…

Wishing everyone a very beautiful 2015!



Peli Gets an Ornament

It was time to make the Christmas gifts, and Peli was ready to help.

Good thing!  Because they were all about her this year.

One hundred little kitties, ready and waiting.

Peli’s jet black, just like all our cats have been… but we decided walnut brown would be a good Christmassy color.

They needed pretty little collars.

And some bright shiny eyes.

Just this once… the cats are allowed on the kitchen counter!

Peli was lots of help modeling  how a sweet drowsy cat should look.

Merry Christmas from Peloton!



The Gift of Music

Live entertainment up on a stage… we love it!  Gary and I rarely go to the movies.  Instead, we’ll get tickets in advance, mark the calendar, and look forward to special concerts and plays.

Our favorite concert this holiday season was The Kingston Trio.    Can you believe it?  They’ve been touring since 1957!  Well, the singers have changed over the years, but they’ve kept the same sound. What a joy to hear some of the Christmas songs from the 33s of my childhood, sounding just as I remember them.  Especially “Here We Come A’Caroling”.

But perhaps the biggest thrill for me was when they sang “Tom Dooley”.

When I was a little girl, my sister and I walked to the neighbor’s house for our piano lessons every week.  She’s four years older than I, and was just naturally better at it.  She played beautiful music like “Fur Elise” while I struggled with “Snug as a Bug in a Rug” in the beginner books.

How thankful I am for my parents who always saw us as individuals.  (And who obviously recognized I was never going to get the hang of the piano!)

I think I was in the fourth grade when I started wanting a guitar.  And so my parents bought me a ukulele.  I had to prove myself on that tiny little four stringed, cheap plywood instrument before I could graduate to the guitar.  It came with a little pamphlet with finger charts for the chords, and a few little songs.

And this is how it came to be that the first song I ever learned to play was “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley”.

Playing those chords came almost as naturally to me as breathing, so the next wonderful gift that came my way was that dreamed of guitar.  It became such a huge part of my life.  Together, the guitar and I spent lots of time up on stages providing the entertainment.

I think this may have been my first performance.

Mama & Daddy… I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful gifts you’ve given me!  Merry Christmas!



A Nitwit Knits

On one of those days in January when you feel like you should set a goal, I declared to the world that I wanted to learn to knit or crochet in 2014.

And so, with the clock ticking quickly toward the end of the year, I held a little party at the barn this week and invited everyone I knew to come on over and join me in learning.  I begged for some teachers to come along too.

I attempted knitting, and the evening was a howling success!  I was surrounded by good friends while the glorious aroma of hot apple cider mingled with vanilla macadamia nut coffee.  And I laughed.  Oh, how I laughed.  It seems like ages since I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop crying.

First Attempt

Some say knitting is a great way to de-stress.  Well, in my case, most certainly so.  I’ve even given it another go today.  I’m still disastrous at it.  It hasn’t calmed me one bit, but it has given me so much joy just to keep laughing at my pathetic attempts while I enjoy the fun memories of my knitting night.

Very interesting!

I shall try to crochet sometime in 2015.  Seeing just how difficult the knitting turned out to be, I think that one goal should be plenty for the coming year!




When I was a child, you didn’t just pop into one of the many stores lining the streets and choose items from a huge array on the shelves.  This was especially true because I lived in a small town.  And so I remember very vividly the first time I laid eyes on a toy soldier nutcracker.

My sister had just moved to Houston where she was starting her career, and I had just entered college.  We went down for a visit, and she took my mom and me to her favorite new store.  It was a year round Christmas wonderland.  When I saw this fellow, it was love at first sight.  My sister bought him for me.

I don’t have collections.  (Other than the coffee cups!)  But I do have a delightful collection of nutcrackers, and they make me smile every single December when they come out to play.

This is my first Steinbach.  My Nana took us Christmas shopping one year and told us to get anything we’d like, and this beauty fell right into the price range.  Here’s the funny part.  Although she had given me dolls for Christmas most of my life, now that I was a young married woman, she was determined to buy me clothes.  I kept insisting I wanted this hunting nutcracker.  She really balked at buying me “a doll” that year.  (Nana hadn’t been gripped by the nutcracker bug!)  I kept insisting that the clothes would be mine for a short while, but this treasure I would keep forever.  I’m a bit sorry I argued with her, but I’m sure glad I got my way!

Once my collection was growing, my Grandma enjoyed adding to it with the beautiful smokers.  Since Gary loved fishing in the islands, she enjoyed searching for fishermen.

I bought this man for myself.  He’s a woodworker with a musical lathe.  A “must have” when I saw it!

My dad found this “King of the Nutcrackers” at furniture market one year.

Friends and family have treated me many times over with sweet additions.  Precious miniatures hang on my Christmas tree.

Now days you can find these little darlings in almost every store in every town, and in every character imaginable.  I love my classics.  This one holds a special place in my heart.  We found him in an antiques store on our honeymoon.

I cherish these little people!  They’re a treasure chest full of grand memories!



It’s Time for Trees

Oh, the fun I have with these jewels!

When the first cold front hit New Mexico, I was ready and waiting with my trusty glue gun and my beautiful pile of old jewelry.

It seems I’m better with a glue gun that I am with a camera.  Just can’t capture the depth and richness of this wonderful old costume jewelry all tumbled into place.

There are two annual events that warm my heart when the cold weather arrives every year.  The Open House for the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home, and the Holiday Happening sponsored by the Altrusa Club in Portales.

It’s my privilege to contribute to the silent auctions for these excellent occasions.

Here’s hoping everyone has a grand time decorating Christmas trees in the coming days!



An Audrey World

So many times I long for a fairy tale world.  Yet, even as I type that, I realize a fairy tale world would still be filled with villains and tragedy.  There’s no escaping that.

I suppose my daydream actually finds me acting out the roll of the sweet soul who never harms another, always has a pleasant countenance, spreading charm and elegance and good tidings wherever I roam.

Not only myself, but everyone I know.  We would all go about our days in this manner.

There you have it.  I long for an Audrey Hepburn world!

Meanwhile, I live in a Sandy Fields world.  I scowl quite often.  I grumble about the pettiest of infractions.  And horrors… I can’t seem to stop my tongue from rummaging around in my teeth if there’s some pesky particle of broccoli giving me fits.  Audrey would never have made such faces in a restaurant!

I’ve spent the morning reading the story of her life.  She enchants us all.  My darling little great-niece loves Audrey.  I’m so glad she does.  So thrilled that a four year old wants to watch “My Fair Lady”.  So hopeful that we’ll all aspire to be more gracious and giving.




I get such a kick out of moments like this.

I was having my eyes examined for the latest prescription for reading glasses.  And my optometrist – with his high powered vision gadgets – said “Pretty earrings.  What is that gemstone?”  He proceeded to tell me that he collects gemstones.

Being the ever-frugal-pat-myself-on-the-back soul that I am, this was my response.  “I’m pretty sure they’re blue glass.”  (I’m pretty sure of that, because they cost $10.)

I thought they were the beautiful color of the ocean, and I also thought they might make my eyes look a little more blue… and that’s how I chose them.

Here’s the reason for this post.  I have a young friend who was quite upset recently.  Some people were making her feel that she wasn’t doing enough for her children.  She’s a mommy of four.  Along with her husband, she’s made the decision to only do some part time work so she can be home with the little ones.  Their budget is tight, and doesn’t include trips to the mall for closets full of new clothes.

Oh, how I applaud you, my friend!  You hang in there.  We should not be valued by the amount of money we have spent on our clothes and our jewelry and our shoes.

I hope that maybe a little bit of that sapphire blue color from my earrings will send a sparkling reflection into my eyes.  And so much more importantly… I hope you’ll see love dancing there when you look into my gray eyes.  If so, you’ll make me feel very valuable.



Election Day

It’s Election Day.  If ever there was a day to wave a flag and wear red, white and blue, this is the day.

Surely the founding fathers could never have imagined America today, filled with interstate highways, airports, cell phones, super stores and computers.  But I do believe they dreamed the nation would survive, and the citizenry would treasure the privilege of electing its officials.

My vote means as much as yours.  The vote from a college student is equal to one from a multi-millionaire business owner.  A naturalized citizen gets the same say as a voter whose American family tree goes back generation after generation.  It’s a powerful and amazing system.

Voter turnout for presidential elections has hovered between 50 and 60% in the last five decades.  I marvel at this.  Yes, I’m climbing up on a soap box.  I’m astounded those numbers aren’t 80 to 90%.

Exercise your right to vote today.  Go stand in a line with your neighbors, friends, co-workers and strangers.  Blood was shed to secure this right. Millions around the world envy this opportunity.  Today is our day to help chart the course for the future.  May we choose wisely, and may God bless America.



Magic Moments on the Zaandam

Special, calm, peaceful, magic moments.  That’s why I cruise again and again.  It doesn’t matter where the ship is going, I’m just happy to be on it.

With a relaxing cruise ahead of me, I’m looking forward to sharing one magic moment a day.  The simple pleasures on the ms Zaandam that will become sweet memories all too soon.

Day 1 – Always a hectic day.  Rude alarm clock in the pre-dawn hours, two flights to catch, luggage to check with hopes of retrieving later, long lines, taxis, shuttles.  Finally to the ship, finally some French onion soup… but still… so exhausted.  And then the moment literally came wafting over me.  My bags  were unpacked, the plump pillows awaited me, and the sharp citrus scent of that Elemis soap in the hot shower let me know I was back in my home away from home.  I love that shower gel.  Thank you, Holland America, for never changing this shampoo and soap.  Truly… it’s what made my day!

Day 2 – We’re crossing the Pacific on our way to Hawaii, so plenty of slow, relaxing sea days.  Tonight was our first formal night, and much could be said about the lovely clothing and the ever-so-tender filet mignon… but my magic moment for the day was dressing for dinner.  Actually, watching G in front of the mirror putting on his cuff links and button covers.  I love that we have these ships where our hurried lives take a break, and we waltz into a world of tuxedos and velvet.

Day 3 – Who can resist a 75% off deck sale?  That would be me, along with the darling crowd I love to call “my peeps”.  It’s no secret that the average age sailing with Holland America is a few years beyond my own.  So there we were, rifling through the pretty little Alaskan sweatshirts, then draping our finds over our arms, waiting in line while Hawaiian luau music played softly over the speakers.  Today’s magic moment had me grinning at the thought of having a matching sweatshirt with a group of great-grandmothers from Vancouver!

Day 4 – Live entertainment after dinner is always a highlight of our cruising day.  Tonight’s  performance was truly grand.  After a delicious dinner with the events coordinator – a young man we met a few years ago and always love crossing paths with on cruises – the three of us attended “Classique”.  The show was even more special and fascinating because of all the behind the scenes things we had learned over dinner conversation.  For some of the young singers and dancers, this was their first performance ever on a ship.  And they gave us a dazzling evening.  Those costumes and that finale of Bohemian Rhapsody… a magic moment indeed!

Day 5 – The day was perfect, the evening was perfect.  I kept wondering how I would select one special moment.  On this formal evening we chose to eat in the Pinnacle for “An Evening at Le Cirque”.  I had anticipated that butternut squash soup, and thought my first taste might be THE magic.  And oh, it was grand.  The night was perfect… the meal, the entertainment, the dancing, the stroll on the Promenade… but the shining moment came when least expected.  Waiting on our bed, beside the sweet towel swan, was a little gold silk crate with two miniature drawers behind a tiny door, each one holding a white chocolate truffle.  There was a note from the restaurant wishing us the perfect ending to our evening.  Thank you for spoiling us!

Day 6 – On this final sea day before reaching Hawaii, I attended an afternoon concert by Henry Kaleialoha.  There was none of the polish and pizzazz of the marvelous evening entertainment.  This was a gentle performance by an aging musician who has been a star in the world of Hawaiian music.  He was in the orchestra of “Blue Hawaii”, and was the linguistic coach for Elvis in that movie.  Today he needed help onto the stage, and into his seat, but he never missed a note with the music.  As he played the ukulele for an audience mostly from his generation, I was quite overcome with bittersweet emotions.  I felt so privileged to be part of the crowd.  Another special moment for my collection.

Day 7 – The day began with a magical scene.   I was awake in dark, sure it was morning, waiting for my alarm to go off and prove me right.  I was eager for today to arrive… not because we would finally be reaching land, but because we would be touring Pearl Harbor for the first time.  I knew this would be an emotionally charged day.  The view from my balcony as our ship approached Oahu was breathtaking.  Dark mountains against a dark sky, outlined by the twinkling lights of the waking island.  The mood and beauty of my day – captured perfectly before the sun came up.  Today was a day of tears as we toured World War II Memorials, but also a day of amazing moments.  Our small group had signed on for a day of touring not only Pearl Harbor, but other military bases on the island.  After lunch at Schofield Army Barracks, to everyone’s surprise – and totally by chance – we were greeted at Fort Shaftner by Four Star General Vincent Brooks.  Photos and handshakes all around as he thanked the veterans in our party.  A great day from beginning to end.

Day 8 – The most beautiful island views for me have always been those with water in the foreground.  So my favorite moment of the day came as the sun was setting behind the massive Mauna Kea on Hilo, while I watched it from my dining seat at a wall of solid glass.  The bright strip of hot sunshine reflecting on the blue water gave way to a shimmering sea of silver and the sky turned a soft turquoise with rose highlights.  The top of the mountain eventually became a black silhouette with the peak soaring high above a layer of clouds as our ship slowly pulled out of the bay into the dark night.

Day 9 – I love long cruises and I love small ships.  This one holds 1400 guests… small by many standards, but quite large to me.  Getting into a routine, learning the names of several in the crew, I always feel at home.  This morning as I approached the breakfast counter the chef grinned at me and said, “Three eggs over medium?”  What fun to have a personal chef!  Another delicious start to a beautiful day.  Speaking of delicious, my favorite thing about Maui today was my raspberry shave ice!

Day 10 – Our first time to Kauai.  What a beautiful island. And what a marvelous treat to watch the approach into Nawiliwili Harbor this morning from the front of the ship, then to stand on the back deck as we left this evening.  That was my magic moment… slowly slipping back out into the open waters of the Pacific under the heavy clouds of sunset.  Our four days in the Hawaiian islands have been perfect.  But how I love the sea days!  So this evening we had a lovely farewell combined with the joy of knowing the cruise is far from over.

Day 11 – After your first cruise with Holland America you become a “mariner”.  As the beautiful cruising days go by, you’re rewarded with sweet little perks… champagne with the captain and the all important laundry discount.  The mariners’ brunch is always a special time for me because I can’t wait to see the new Delftware coaster given as a gift on every cruise.  My collection is growing, and I keep dreaming of the project I’ll put together someday.  A table, or perhaps a kitchen backsplash.  Not sure yet.  In the meantime, I’ll keep working on that collection.

Day 12 – There was nothing to do today.  Nothing.  I sat on a reclining deck chair and looked at the Pacific Ocean… and looked at the Pacific Ocean… and looked at the Pacific Ocean.  It was pure bliss.

Day 13 – Just before our afternoon classical violin and piano concert, we had an appointment with a photographer to look at the photos from our shoot a couple of nights ago.  They’re all in black and white, quite romantic… and to play upon our emotions, this lovely young woman from Hungary had soft music playing as she began the slide show.  The magic moment of the day arrived right on cue.  Gary and I both loved the photos, and for the very same reason.  And this was the explanation for my tears to the sweet photographer…  One day you wake up and realize you’re middle aged.  So… there we were… all dressed up… as much in love as we’ve ever been… with wrinkles around our eyes… smiling at each other in the string of photographs.  We bought a few.  They captured the mood of this cruise for us.  It’s been a strenuous year, and these two weeks on the Zaandam are washing our cares away.

Day 14 – After dinner dancing to “The Neptunes”… it’s always a favorite time on every Holland America cruise.  This band has been exceptional.  The piano player/singer reminds me of Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole at the same time.  The knee surgery this year has put a damper on my dear dancing partner’s fox trot, but he still twirls me on the wooden floor every night.  Our touching moment tonight came while we danced to “Sentimental Reasons”.  One couple entered the dance floor ever so slowly… as the man could only take the tiniest of steps.  There they swayed back and forth in the same spot to the beautiful music.  I hope we’ll still be dancing even when we can barely walk!

Day 15 – Last day at sea.  More beautiful music, more delicious food, sun and shadows playing on the ocean under moody skies.  One final night to dress to the nines.  But this is what I choose for the best moment of the day… knowing that it was also one final afternoon to completely relax… and choosing to take just one more nap.  Ahhhh… I am well rested.  How grateful I am for that.

Day 16 – Today we toured Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia  The most enchanting gardens I’ve ever seen… with a wonderful story of how they came to be.  If this cruise must come to a close, then this was a lovely ending.

Day 17 – There are no magic moments on disembarkation day.  But arriving home to our purring Peloton after a very long day of traveling is always special.  Now it’s time to start dreaming of the next voyage!